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Organic Ragi Flour


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Misri Farm Organic Ragi Flour is made from the finest Finger Millet sourced from trusted farmers. Packed with goodness, this nutrient-rich flour offers numerous health benefits, including high fiber, calcium, and iron content. Perfect for making soft and nutritious chapatis, it’s an ideal choice for those seeking a wholesome alternative to regular flour.

Misri Farm Organic Ragi Flour is a wholesome and nutritious choice for your kitchen. Made from finger millet, a nutrient-rich grain, this flour is packed with goodness. Ragi flour is a type of chapati flour. It is a staple in many Indian households due to its health benefits.

At Misri Farm, we make Organic Ragi Flour using old-fashioned ways to keep all the good stuff in. It’s full of calcium, iron, and fiber, which are good for you. This flour can help keep your bones strong, make your tummy happy, and control your blood sugar levels.

Organic Ragi Flour is perfect for making chapatis, dosas, idlis, and more tasty dishes. It’s smooth and has a yummy nutty flavor that makes your recipes taste even better. Whether you want healthier meals or just love ragi’s goodness, our flour is the best. Misri Farm’s best ragi millet is for top-quality ragi flour that’s good for you and tastes great too.


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