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Khapli Wheat Flour


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Misri Farm Khapli Wheat Flour is a special type of whole wheat flour made from ancient Khapli wheat. It’s really good for you because it’s full of nutrients like fiber. When you use it for cooking, you’ll enjoy its natural taste and all the health benefits it brings.

Khapli Wheat Flour, also known as whole wheat flour or atta flour, comes from Khapli wheat. This flour is not refined and contains important nutrients and fiber, making it a favorite among health-conscious people. 

Organic Emmer Flour or Khapli Wheat Flour offers many advantages, such as better digestion, helping with weight management, and supporting heart health because it has lots of fiber. You can use Khapli Wheat Flour in various recipes like roti or chapati or in baking. Using this wholegrain flour can improve your diet and support sustainable farming practices. 

Choosing Khapli Wheat Flour means you’re eating whole grains, which are good for you. It helps balance your diet and keeps you healthy in the long run.


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