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A2 Desi Gir Cow Ghee 500ML


Misrifarm’s A2 Desi Gir Cow Ghee is a luxury treat that comes in a 500ML bottle. This ghee is made using traditional methods and comes from the milk of native Gir cows, whose milk is valued for being high in A2 protein.

The end product is a fragrant, golden ghee that gives your food a deep, real taste. It is free from preservatives and is full of the nutrients of pure A2 milk. A2 Desi Gir Cow Ghee is nutritious and healthful, and it will improve your cooking experience.

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Enjoy the richness of 500ML of A2 Desi Gir Cow Ghee, which is packaged for ease of use. Made from the milk of native Gir cows, renowned for their A2 protein, comes this quality ghee. Ghee is made with care, and has a beautiful golden color and delightful aroma that ensure freshness.

Naturally made from A2 milk, it has a nutrient-rich profile with vitamins, antioxidants, and Omega-3 to help digestion, immunity, and general health. Enjoy this delicious beauty from MisriFarm, a tasty and pure representation of living a healthy lifestyle.

Healthy Benefits of A2 Desi Gir Cow Ghee:-

  1. Nutrient-Rich: A2 Desi Gir Cow Ghee is a dense source of essential nutrients, including vitamins A, E, and D.
  2. Digestive Aid: The ghee aids in digestion by promoting the secretion of stomach acids, supporting a healthy digestive system.
  3. Immune Support: Its nutritional profile contributes to a strengthened immune system, helping the body fend off illnesses.
  4. Healthy Fats: With a balanced composition of saturated fats, A2 ghee can be a part of a balanced diet, supporting cardiovascular health.
  5. Anti-Inflammatory Properties: The ghee contains anti-inflammatory compounds, potentially aiding in reducing inflammation in the body.
  6. Enhanced Flavor: Besides health benefits, A2 Desi Gir Cow Ghee adds a rich and distinct flavour to the food, making meals more enjoyable.


  • Keep A2 Desi Gir Cow Ghee out of direct sunlight
  • Store it in a cold and dry place
  • Caution for dairy allergies
  • Moderate use in a balanced diet
  • Consult a professional for health concerns
  • Check the packaging before use

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