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A2 Desi Gir Cow Ghee 1L


Misri Farm’s A2 Desi Gir Cow Ghee is made with traditional techniques and is sourced from native Gir cows. It is known for its superior quality and health advantages. These cows belong to ethical farming and are given grass instead of artificial hormones or antibiotics.

Naturally produced from A2 milk, the ghee maintains its golden color and rich aroma while having a high smoke point that makes it perfect for cooking. Its high nutrient profile—which includes vitamins, antioxidants, and Omega-3—supports healthy immunity, digestion, and overall health. This ghee is a favorite culinary option that represents healthy living because of its purity and unique flavor.

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Misri Farm’s A2 Desi Gir Cow Ghee is an excellent clarified butter that is well-known for both its purity and health advantages. This ghee is made from the milk of native Gir cows, who are prized for their milk that is high in A2 beta-casein. It is traditionally hand-churned to ensure its authenticity and preserve its natural richness.

The A2 Desi Gir Cow Ghee is carefully produced without the use of preservatives, chemicals, or contaminants. Its golden color and unique aroma indicates its excellent quality because of Desi Bilona method. It is well-regarded for its many health advantages, including improving immunity, supporting general well-being, and easing digestion.

Our Grassfed Organic Ghee is made from the milk of A2 Desi Gir cows raised naturally without any growth hormones or antibiotics. Offering this pure and organic A2 Desi Gir Cow Ghee, Misri Farm takes pride in upholding the spirit of traditional goodness while putting the needs and happiness of its customers first.

How We Produce Pure and Organic A2 Gir Cow Ghee?

Wooden Bilona Method:

The Wooden Bilona Method is a traditional technique used to produce pure and organic A2 cow ghee. In this method, a wooden churner called a “bilona” is used to churn fresh cow milk. The process involves churning the milk in a wooden vessel until the butter separates from the milk solids. This separation process is performed without the use of any machinery or chemicals, ensuring that the ghee retains its purity and remains free from additives. We believe the Wooden Bilona Method is highly trustable for its ability to preserve the natural flavor and pure quality of the ghee. This is how Misri Farm make A2 Gir Cow Ghee with the traditional Indian Wooden Churned Bilona Method.

Use of Earthen Pots:

The another traditional method used during the production of A2 Desi Gir Cow Ghee is Use of Earthen Pots. The people used these pots dates back centuries because of its ability to make the quality and flavor of ghee. At Misri Farm, when ghee is prepared in earthen pots, it undergoes a slow and gentle heating process, allowing for the gradual separation of milk solids. The slow heating from Earthen Pots helps to retain the natural vibes and flavor of the ghee, that help in making of a richer and more aromatic A2 Desi Gir Cow Ghee. This slow heating also helps to ensure that the ghee retains its important nutrients, such as fat-soluble vitamins like A, D, E, and K, along with beneficial fatty acids. Overall, the use of earthen pots adds a pure quality to the cow ghee, making it a most preferred choice for those who appreciate traditional methods of preparation.

Healthy Benefits of A2 Desi Gir Cow Ghee:

  1. Nutrient-Rich: A2 Desi Gir Cow Ghee is a dense source of essential nutrients, including vitamins A, E, and D.
  2. Digestive Aid: The ghee – clarified butter aids in digestion by promoting the secretion of stomach acids, supporting a healthy digestive system.
  3. Immune Support: This pure and organic ghee contributes to a strengthened immune system, helping the body fend off illnesses.
  4. Healthy Fats: With a balanced composition of saturated fats, Pure and Organic A2 ghee can be a part of a balanced diet, supporting cardiovascular health.
  5. Anti-Inflammatory Properties: The ghee contains anti-inflammatory compounds, potentially aiding in reducing inflammation in the body.
  6. Enhanced Flavor: Besides health benefits, A2 Desi Gir Cow Ghee adds a rich and distinct flavor to the food, making meals more enjoyable.

Facts to know about A2 Desi Gir Cow Ghee:

  • Desi Cow Ghee is also known as Clarified Butter in the different part of the world.
  • A2 Milk is used in the world which is obtained from Desi Cows – Gir cows which are indigenous breeds of India
  • Desi Gir Cow at our farm are Organic Grass Feded.
  • A2 Desi Gir Cow Ghee making begins with sourcing fresh milk from Gir cows, known for their A2 beta-casein protein.
  • This Pure and Organic ghee is produced using traditional method called Organic Bilona Cow Ghee, including the hand churning of curd to separate butter/makhan.
  • After that, the butter/makhan heated on a slow flame to make Desi Bilona Ghee.
  • The resulting golden-yellow liquid is the pure A2 Desi Gir Cow Ghee.


  • Keep A2 Desi Gir Cow Ghee out of direct sunlight
  • Store it in a cold and dry place
  • Caution for dairy allergies
  • Moderate use in a balanced diet
  • Consult a professional for health concerns
  • Check the packaging before use

5 reviews for A2 Desi Gir Cow Ghee 1L

  1. Anushka

    I love this ghee. The flavor is so buttery and smooth. will order again.

    13 August 2023
  2. Manish

    Love this ghee, very tasty and ordering again soon!

    30 September 2023
  3. Mahendra

    I ordered desi cow ghee, it is best in taste, quality.

    14 February 2024
  4. Ritika

    Excellent quality ghee at good price!

    3 March 2024
  5. Milee

    Pure, nutritious, and delicious – a must-have in every kitchen!

    11 March 2024
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