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Organic Moong Dal


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Misri Farm Organic Moong Dal is sourced from the finest moong beans, also known as green gram, this wholesome dal is packed with nutrients. Whether you prefer the whole green gram or split green gram, our product offers the best quality for your culinary taste. Enjoy the freshness and purity of Hari Moong Dal in every bite.

Misri Farm Organic Moong Dal is a good option for people who care about their health and want the best quality beans. These beans come from farms where no chemicals or artificial stuff is used, so you can trust that they’re pure and good for you. 

Moong Beans, also called Green Gram or Hari Moong Dal, are famous for having lots of protein, which is great for people who don’t eat meat. So, if you want something healthy and nutritious, this is the best Moong Dal you choose. 

Green gram is packed with good stuff like protein, fiber, and vitamins, which are all good for your body. So, when you eat our Green Gram Whole, you’re not just enjoying the taste, you’re also doing something good for your health.


1Kg, 250g, 500g


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