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Organic Haldi Powder


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Try Misri Farm Organic Haldi Powder for a delicious touch to your meals. It comes from the best turmeric. It brings a warm, earthy flavor to your dishes. Free from chemicals, it’s a pure and wholesome spice to enhance your cooking. Our Organic Turmeric Powder makes your cooking even better with this healthy and simple addition to your kitchen.

Our Organic Haldi Powder is a kitchen essential, bringing both flavor and health benefits to your table. Made from the finest turmeric, it adds a warm, earthy taste to dishes. Beyond its culinary charm, this spice has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, supporting overall health. It’s a natural way to boost immunity and help digestion. 

Add it to curries, soups, or in milk for a wholesome touch. Free from chemicals, our Pure Turmeric Powder is a simple addition to curries, soups, and golden milk, providing both deliciousness and potential health advantages in every meal. Enjoy this pure and natural spice’s taste and well-being benefits in your daily cooking.


1Kg, 250g, 500g


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