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Cow Phenyl


Made from the urine of cows, cow phenyl is a natural disinfectant enhanced with essential oils and herbal extracts. It uses cow urine’s antibacterial qualities to cleanse surfaces, floors, and surrounding areas efficiently. This safe cleaning substitute is free of dangerous chemicals and is environmentally friendly. Cow phenyl is a popular option for homes looking for a strong and natural disinfectant due to its herbal ingredients, which also have antibacterial properties and give off a refreshing aroma.

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Cow phenyl is a disinfectant made from cow urine mixed with essential oils and herbal extracts. The natural antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral qualities of components like neem, cow pee, and pine oil are what give it its benefits. By avoiding harsh chemicals, releasing a nice herbal scent, and allegedly successfully sanitizing a variety of surfaces and locations, this environmentally friendly product promotes environmental sustainability.

Cow phenyl not only kills bacteria and germs effectively, but as it contains natural elements, it also leaves a lovely scent behind. Unlike many chemical-based cleansers that may have negative side effects, it is thought to be safe for people, pets, and the environment as well.


1L, 500 ML


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